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Monday, October 22, 2018
Campbell Soup Company Donates Over 40,000 Pounds of Product to Local Food Pantries
In response to a request for donations from Jr. Past Governor Larry McGuire of Defiance Moose Lodge #2094, The Campbell Soup Company of Napoleon, Ohio provided over 40,000 pounds of packaged food products to area food pantries.
The food was delivered by a tractor and semi-trailer generously donated by Keller Trucking and Logistics on Saturday morning, October 27th to the Moose parking lot, where it was sorted and then picked up by representatives of the local food pantries. The effort was part of Defiance Moose Lodge's annual "Soup-er Saturday" chaired by JPG Larry and his wife, Mary. Also instrumental in the promotion of the event was I-Heart Radio's FM 105.7 The Bull "Neighbors In Need" food drive led by radio celebrity, Josh Busch.
Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Another successful summer season is in the books even though the weather chased us inside for Party in the Park, the Family Picnic, and Soup-er Saturday, as well as caused the postponement of the Rummage Sale.
You can continue the fun and enjoyment of dancing to live bands every Saturday night at our lodge from 7:30 until 11:30. As I have reminded you before, please remember that our bands offer many styles and interpretations of popular music. If you have a special song you’d like to hear, feel free to approach the band directly with your request. But, if you have a complaint about the volume or style of music, speak to one of our on-duty employees. They, and only they, will make the determination whether to advise the band that an adjustment is needed. Remember, the bands are our guests and you all are representatives of our great Moose Order. Be cordial and courteous to all of our guests and our fellow members.
New Year’s Eve tickets go on sale in the social quarters on November 5th. This year our band is Riverbend. Band manager and former drummer, Lucky Stiles, is a member of our lodge and already has a large list of guests who want to be a part of the NYE bash, so be sure to get your ticket early this year. The party is limited to 150 people.
We continue to work on our new phone app and our Facebook page in order to keep you well informed of all the activities at our Lodge. Club manager, Summer has put together a new menu with some great food choices including fresh salads and fresh ground chuck and grilled chicken sandwiches. Soup and sandwich specials are also in the works for the fall and winter months.
I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
Bill Hesselschwardt, Lodge Administrator
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